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Based on the short film of the same name, “Pigly, the series” describes the tales and adventures of a group of animals lead by Pigly, a small pig, who ducks and dives to survive in the “Grobig” supermarket.

They are confronted by Rex, the tenacious security robot-police dog who in vain tries every means to rid the shop of them. Rex is helped by the close circuit camera system and other shop machinery to guard the supermarket from intruders.

   “Pigly, the series” is set in a gigantic supermarket, which looks like a real city.
It portrays many of the consumer-society’s downsides such as deceitful advertising, products of unknown origin, incitement of worthless purchases,
illusory happiness and outrageous security controls.

The shop’s products make also a harsh parody of our society
by entwining news items, culture, politics and sport…

Neverless, the series remains for all audience,
full of ludicrous comedy and burlesque.

The short film illustrates the style and atmosphere of the series, that goes beyond a simple chase. It also bears an underlying message that denounces the inconsistencies of our over-consuming society.

The concept of “Pigly, the series” intends on one hand to appeal to the younger audience who will undoubtedly take Pigly’s side, and on the other hand addresses the more mature audience in a “Simpsons” way.

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"Pigly, the series" won the MIFA Grand Prix at the International Project Competition for a TV production at the Annecy Festival!
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