Philippe TAILLIEZ Website - To know more about one of the creators of PIGLY! Mostly vidéos & other stuff...

Vocanson Multimédia -a lot of things in this website: news, films, interviews, and 2D/3D ressources...


Fous d'Anim - one of the best french-speaking website about animation,
with a great quality of news and links.
3DVF - THE best website for French 3D... A must-see.
1Dcafé - Very interesting for french people, a forum about freelance workers in computer graphics  
Cine-Court - a famous website of short films on-line.
Image digitale - news, interviews and a lot of things about computer graphics, and special effects.
Production,diffusion, promotion de courts et moyens métrages
DS-Studio - website about production,diffusion, & promotion of short films on the net.
Géneration Script - also new, this website is about the art of writing scripts.


...soon more links!

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